Lone Bee Decoupage Valet Tray

Lone Bee Decoupage Valet Tray

One of our most austere valet trays, but one of our favorites. This minimalist tray features an antique illustration from the early 20th century, hand colored by Andy. We are enormous fans of the honey bee here at Why Girls Go Astray — they are incredibly important to our ecosystem and yet their status is currently so threatened. They play a key role in the human and natural world as pollinators. This valet tray was created in tribute to the our lovely friend, the honey bee. ¡Viva la bee!

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  • Details

    Dimensions: 6.5 inches square with a raised rim of approximately ¼ inch.

    Our ceramic-coated stoneware valet trays also employ the traditional decoupage process. The imagery is hand-cut, pasted onto a surface, and buried under many coats of finish (we use Envirotex Lite polymer resin). To finish, the bottom is painted, stamped, and sealed with a clear matte protective coating.

    Care: Please treat our plates as you would any fine china or glass. Always wash by hand. For decorative purposes only.

    Please allow five business days for delivery in the U.S. Please contact us directly if you need a faster shipping option.

    We take pride in our products. If for any reason an item does not meet your expectations, you may return your purchase in undamaged condition within ten days to receive a refund of the retail price.

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