Phrenology Minitray

Phrenology Minitray

Here we present to you a colorful old phrenology illustration from the late 1800s. Phrenology was a quack medical practice, popular around the same time, in which areas or formations on the head corresponded with emotions or attributes. This head features seven themed areas, divided into forty-three sections of pure junk science: “Sublimity,” “Mirthfulness,” and “Vitativeness.” (Some of these aren’t even words.) Perfect for all the debunkers, faith healers, and scholars in your midst.

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  • Details

    Our mini-trays are made from handsome white porcelain and utilize the traditional decoupage process. The imagery is hand-cut, pasted onto a surface, and buried under many coats of finish (we use Envirotex Lite polymer resin). To finish, the bottom is painted, stamped, and sealed with a clear matte protective coating.

    Dimensions: 6.75 inches wide by 5.25 inches deep with a raised rim of approximately ¼ inch.

    Care: Please treat our plates as you would any fine china or glass. Always wash by hand. For decorative purposes only.

    Please allow five business days for delivery in the U.S. Please contact us directly if you need a faster shipping option.

    We take pride in our products. If for any reason an item does not meet your expectations, you may return your purchase in undamaged condition within ten days to receive a refund of the retail price.