Victorian Waterlillies

In this lush chromolitho from 1908, a panoply of "Aquatic Plants" from around the globe is brought together in a highly unlikely, but gorgeous, jungle scene. We'll call it artistic license. Center stage is the Giant Water-Lily, Victoria Regia (now Amazonica.) Named in honor of Queen Victoria, Great Britain was obsessed with this tropical wonder throughout her reign. Several Dukes competed to grow the first one in "captivity-" an English coal-fire heated greenhouse. Joseph Paxton, the Duke of Devonshire, was the first in 1849. Two years later, he designed the famous Crystal Palace, using the intricate ribbed support veins of the giant leaf as inspiration for the lattice of girders supporting the massive structure of glass.

     In the potichomania process, the glass acts as both a foundation and protective finish, saving the step of varnishing. The original intent was to recreate Greek and Etruscan vases by simulating rare and expensive Sevrés porcelain.

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  • Details

    This tray measures approximately 5x8 inches. The relative thinness of the tray – just over 1/8” thick – belies the complexity of the potichomania process. Each of our trays is comprised of a glass tray, three layers of 28# paper, four coatings of varnish, and finished with two coats, each of paint and clear acrylic spray. We’ve added a high-quality felt pad on the bottom in order to protect your home surfaces.

    Care: Please spray with a gentle glass cleanser and wipe clean. Do not submerge in water. For decorative purposes only.

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