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Constructing Letters

 Joris Hoefnagel or Georg Hoefnagel (1542-1601) was a Flemish painter, print-maker, miniaturist, draftsman and merchant. He is noted for his illustrations of natural history subjects, topographical views,

illuminations and mythological works. He was one of the last manuscript illuminators, and made a major contribution

to the development of topographical drawing.
     A pivotal figure in the history of Dutch art, he played an important role both in the latter stages of the Flemish

illumination tradition and the birth of the new genre of still life. In the last decade

of his life Hoefnagel was appointed court artist to Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, and it was in this time

that he appended Georg Bocskay's "Model Book of Calligraphy," of thirty years previous, with his own
beautifully exquisite "Guide to the Construction of Letters."

In each, he surrounds the typographic diagram with a colorful array of symbolically charged motifs and,

for some, an excerpt from the Bible which begins with the letter of focus. — The Getty Museum


Care: Spritz with a glass cleaner when necessary, and wipe with a gentle cloth.

Do not submerge in water. For decorative purposes only.

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