Andy Lowry has been producing decorative home goods under the moniker of Why Girls Go Astray for over ten years. Her interest in decorative arts extends back to her childhood fascination with collage and assemblage techniques. Central to the Why Girls Go Astray mission is her love for taking a decorative craft, particularly one that has been historically available only to an affluent elite, and updating it for a broader audience.  Why Girls Go Astray’s decoupage wares are made by hand, using imagery from our extensive collection of antique prints. Our goods are designed to not only look spectacular, butalso to provide years of service as a serving tray, repository for everyday small items, or reliquary for treasures of import.








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Although the word “decoupage” is French, the art form originated in Italy.  The craze for Chinese and Japanese screens, boxes, fans, trinkets, vases, et al. was so universal that importers
could not possibly meet demand.
Decorated lacquer became a status symbol. Venetian decorators of the 18th century evolved the idea of getting the effect of painted 

lacquer-ware by using cut engravings, which were affixed to painted wood and then

lacquered. Its popularity soon spread to France and throughout Europe, and the

decorating trend eventually made its way to the United States in the 1900s.


Need a glass tray of your own design?
Why Girls regularly works with clients to produce custom trays.

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