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Oddities & Delights Table Trays

Decoupage under glass is a variation of the Potichomania process

Potiche(referring to mania). meaning oriental vase and manie

This art form was practiced in mid-19th century England and refers to the craze

of decorating clear glass vases with cut-out prints. The process of coating the

inside of glass vessels with engravings or paintings gives them the appearance of

painted ware. The relative thinness of the tray —just over 1/8” thick — belies the

complexity of the potichomania process. In this style, the glass acts as both a

foundation and protective finish. Each under-glass tray is comprised of a glass tray,

layers of paper, adhesive and paint, and finished with four layers of clear acrylic spray.

We’ve added a high-quality felt pad on the bottom to protect your home surfaces.

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