Why Girls Go Astray Decoupage
Distinctive Decoupage

Here at Why Girls Go Astray, we make gorgeous decoupage wares, painstakingly recreating 18th- and 19th-century techniques. We find beauty in the many diverse forms that the natural world has to offer. Our artistic vision favors bold colors and unconventional imagery, offering antique illustrations that appeal to a variety of palates. We pride ourselves on making products that strike a balance between usefulness and aesthetic beauty. Our handmade goods will brighten any area of your home or workspace. It is our honor to introduce you to a new and unusual point of view.



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 The art of decoupage has had many names over the years: lacche povero
(poor man’s lacquer) or lacca contrafada (simulated lacquer) by the Italians;
l'art ‘scriban (art of the desk) by the French; and japanning (lacquering) by the English.

The process was developed to imitate hand-painted Chinese and Japanese laquerware, which was then so popular in Europe. “Decoupage” is a word
adopted in the 20th century to describe the art of decorating surfaces permanently with paper cutouts.

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