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Skull square tray

Skull square tray

We are introducing square trays for the first time in the 2017 collection! Offered in two sizes: 8 inches and 6 inches square.
Skull imagery is important to many religions and cultures.It’s hard not to be stirred when looking at a human skull. After all, it’s a stark confrontation with the reality that we’re all mortals. For some, it represents death and even evil, but others view them very differently.
For instance, instead of representing death or loss, the skull represents the important Buddhist concept of emptiness (considered to be a quality of the universe). In Mexican culture, skulls symbolize protection, strength, power, fearlessness, wisdom and guidance, overcoming death, surviving through a difficult time, or even immortality.

In the potichomania process, the glass acts as both a foundation and protective finish, saving the step of varnishing. The original intent was to recreate Greek and Etruscan vases by simulating rare and expensive Sevrés porcelain.

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