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Human's interest in the heavens seems to have been omnipresent throughout history. We are driven to explore the unfamiliar, identify new worlds, and push the frontiers of our scientific and technical limits. This burning desire to discover and further the boundaries of what we know has entranced our societies for centuries.
    Our Space is the Place collection has been four years in the making — but I've had an enduring  interest in space exploration since I was young. The mysterious and provocative nature of space exploration has always held an allure. I think it unlocks secret dreams within all of us. At the core of this collection are the remarkable The Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings (1882) which we've made into stunning wall hangings. We've added a variety of under-glass decoupage trays featuring our favorite forms of space phenomena — shooting stars, comets, planets, nebula, and antique solar system maps. Space is the Place.

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